These are the instructions:

Filename: instructions.doc in Website/private2

(A work in progress, begun May 20, 2002, after I retired April 1, 2002)



  1. If there is a little pointy finger over a thumbnail picture, this means you can make it bigger. I had hoped that (You can download any photo) but I haven’t figured out how. My own browser stores anything on your screen in some cache or temp file somewhere and you can go looking for recent pictures if you feel bold. In case you want a bigger version of what you see (the ‘original’), just email me and I will gladly send you whatever I have.
  2. If there is a little pointy finger over some text, usually underlined, and usually blue, this means you can click on it and go there. Once you go somewhere, I have set it up so you can go back (in most cases). Your browser might let you hit it’s own ‘back’ button too.
  3. If there are miss-spellings or other errors, please email me and I will fix them. Also, if you have suggestions, I will entertain them.
  4. I hope you like this web site.
  5. I have a book about HTML 4.0 for dummies. I also use the advice from web sites that are out there trying to help. You can right-click on any web page you see and tell how it is put together. There is no hiding in HTML-land.
  6. At home our browser is Netscape. So, I know how it looks with Netscape. I don’t know what it looks like on the Microsoft Internet Explorer. I don’t know about any of the other ones either.
  7. In October 2003, we updated to Windows XP and so Netscape 7.1 came along. It automatically sizes the pictures to fit-a very nice feature. Also, what I said about Microsoft’s browser, reflects my own prejudice against Bill Gates and his heavy-handed packaging tactics: we now use Internet Explorer, too. It works well.
  8. As of May 20, 2002 the entire site is 24 Megabytes. For $10 a month, Cruzio will maintain this site and allow 60 Mb of disk space. Each additional 60 Mb is $10 a month more. I have tried to keep the images small to save space and to reduce the time it takes you to download them.
  9. As of March 4, 2004, Cruzio has reduced rates to $10 a month, for 200 Mb.
  10.  As of November 14, 2002 the site is about 40 Mb.
  11.  As of September 9, 2003 the site is about 75 Mb.
  12.  As of November 17, 2004 the site is about 93 Mb.
  13.  The way you find out your size is to use w14a092 username and ******** password which you hide in the roll-a-deck. (Cardfile) This is Cruzio stuff. In this area you can see if there are broken links or items which are not used. It is a nice printout.
  14.  We upload stuff using WS_FTP Pro, some software for file transfer protocol-ing. New version on December 15, 2004. Re-learn. See Cardfile for FTP…we used address from Cruzio and password too.
  15.  The pictures from 2000 on were probably taken with a digital camera. Previous pictures were scanned from either negatives or prints. The Giants baseball pins were scanned directly. The underwater Hawaii snorkeling pictures were taken with a disposable camera.
  16.  Most work was done using Paint Shop Pro 5, a Microsoft product that came with our Dell computer.

17.  In October 2003, we bought Paint Shop Pro 8. It seems ok, but has so much more stuff that it takes a lot longer to load.

  1.  (Jack) you must save this file as instructions.html, not the default: instructions.htm
  2.  Good luck.



December 15, 2004