Julia White

English 9

Dr. Helvie

Period 5


Why I Over Analyze


        I over analyze because when a person is trying to find a right answer to a question or the truth of a situation, you may come across many more questions to define before even approaching your original inquiry. But when one does decide to dive deeper into these underlying questions, then you encounter philosophy, and a philosophy in itself can never truly be proven or defined.

        So you must ask yourself: What is truth, what is right, who decides, what variables affect it, can it be manipulated depending on the situation? There are an infinite amount of questions behind even the simplest. For example “what is your favorite color?” well: what time of day is it, what mood am I in, what is the weather like, what music did I just listen to, what am I wearing, what time of year is it, did anything significant happen recently? ...and so on and so fourth.

        However if one always keeps this mind-set, they would go insane from the constant pestering and itching of their ever present questions, but every once in a while possibly for only a split second all is clear, and there is one answer and it is right, no questions asked. Now I myself am not a religious person, but I find that some find this instant of escape through faith, passion, love, music or something that you feel strongly about.

        I find that in these extremes (i.e. joy, sorrow, excitement, lament...) I tap into this mind set of complete clarity, and suddenly after all the questioning and analyzing things are clear. So when my split second of relief is over, I have no choice but to seek it out once again and revert back to the never ending amount of questions that only further demonstrates the complicated reality of our never ending void.