The Tree
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On December 19, 2002, a large Douglas Fir tree fell onto our house. Here are some pictures. This tree was 80 feet tall. It was growing about 12 feet from our house. A very strong wind storm from out of the East blew it down about noon, 6 days before Christmas. Jack was at the computer in the room it fell on. A large crane was used to lift off the tree in three pieces. The electricity, phone and cable were cut and the roots broke the water main at the street. We no longer have to worry about this tree. In August 2003, we no longer worry about the big Euc's to our North (The RDA's trees).

Tree leaning, front view

Tree leaning, side view

Tree leaning

The Toucan Crane

The tree worker is tying
the sling onto the last third

Tree leaning, back view.

Only Minor Damage

PGE next morning.

6 months before:
New roof.

At noon, in a rain squall.

Later that same day.

4 months later, 6 guys,
a chainsaw and 2 tractors.

The stump,
Eric's new truck

Later that summer.

"Near Miss"

Bill and Ursula's Trees, 1998

Bill and Ursula's Trees, 1998

Bill and Ursula's Trees, 1998

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